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Kitchen E-Design Package

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Revamp Your Bathroom with Our Design Package

Are you thinking of giving your bathroom a new look? Our specialized design package is here to assist in rejuvenating your space. We offer comprehensive solutions to refresh your living room, encompassing up to 8 different items. This package can include a variety of elements such as:

  • Selecting new paint colors.
  • Applying unique wall treatments.
  • Installing stylish window treatments.
  • Choosing contemporary furnishings.
  • Curating art pieces that complement your space.
  • Finding the perfect rugs to add warmth and texture.
  • Incorporating various lighting options to enhance the ambiance.
  • Adding plumbing fixtures & accessories to tie the room together.

With this package, we aim to transform your bathroom into a harmonious and stylish space that reflects your personal taste and enhances your home's overall aesthetic!

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How Our E-Design Service Work?

Purchase and Initial Information Gathering

Once you purchase an E-Design package from The Black Brick Co., one of our designers will reach out to you to get more information about your project.

Scheduling a Consultation

After our initial discussion we'll reach out to schedule a comprehensive design consultation over the phone.

Preparation for Consultation

Prior to the call, we'll ask you to provide:

  • Measurements and photos of your current space.
  • 2-3 inspiration images to guide your project's vision.

In-Depth Phone Consultation

During the consultation, a Black Brick Co. designer will:

  • Discuss your needs and preferences in detail.
  • Ensure alignment on project goals and expectations.
  • Consider working with existing furniture or creating a completely new space, depending on your project's scope.

Design Phase Commencement

  • Post-consultation, our design team begins the creative process to bring your vision to life.

Receiving Your E-Design Package

On completion of the design work, you'll receive:

  • A detailed floor plan (excluding Kitchen and Bathroom Refresh packages).
  • Inspiration images tailored to your style.
  • A comprehensive Design Board plan.
  • A curated shopping list including:

Furniture and accessory selections (art, rugs, built elevations, etc.).

Hard and soft finishes as needed (flooring, tile, window treatments, fireplace surrounds, paint colors, etc.).

Selections for lighting and hardware.

This streamlined process ensures a personalized and efficient design experience, tailored to transform your space according to your unique preferences and requirements.

This package includes one round of revisions. If additional revisions are required, time will be billed at the rate of $150 an hour.

Are you curious about our e-design offerings or uncertain if they align with your requirements? We're here to assist and confident in our ability to address your needs. Feel free to contact us here We'll promptly get in touch to talk through your unique space requirements and how our services can be tailored to meet them.